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"of or relating to accidental causes; of luck or chance; unpredictable"

Aleatory started as a small and nomadic theory focused bookstore. The early days brought together a community who desired a new way to engage with theory. A new potential emerged that is bringing this project into its next stages of publishing, community building, and collaboration. The aim is to build a resources hub for an international network engaging with critical philosophy and theory.


Aleatory is a project building from a passion for theory and the recognition of its potential. Thought(true thought) is the outcome of a confrontation with new reality. When an encounter no longer allows for habits and reflex to carry on as before, thought must arise to form a new way forward. Habit and repetition work to shape the world to accommodate life. Thought and difference bring movement to life to simultaneously confront and embrace the world.  For me, the passion for reading comes from a desire for this confrontation. The best experience with books are the ones that bring new speed and direction to life. We can choose to reset, returning to habit, or we can embrace thought and break off in a new direction. I see reading not as an act of decoding, but as an aleatoric and creative endeavor. If I approach a book with a direction while opening myself to it, I allow the random and creative forces of thought to take flight.


Aleatory aims to explore the potential of theory and community. This project is a confrontation of life through means of creative acts of thought. My aim is that this confrontation can join with others' and form new potential and direction.