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Portland, Oregon. United States

Ccru: Writings 1997-2003

From before the beginning (which was also, according to them, already the end), the adepts of the Architectonic Order of the Eschaton have worked tirelessly to secure the past, present, and future against the incursions of Neolemurian time-sorcery, eliminating all polytemporal activity, stitching up the future, sealing every breach and covering every track. According to the AOE, the Ccru ‘does not, has not, and will never exist’. And yet….

The texts collected here document the Ccru’s perilous efforts to catalogue the traces of Lemurian occulture, bringing together the scattered accounts of those who had stumbled upon lagooned relics of nonhuman intelligence—a project that led ultimately to the recovery of the Numogram and the reconstruction of the principles of Lemurian time-sorcery—before disintegrating into collective schizophrenia and two decades of absolute obscurity.

Meshing together fiction, number theory, voodoo, philosophy, anthropology, palate tectonics, information science, semiotics, geotraumatics, occultism, and other nameless knowledges, in these pages the incomplete evidence gathered by explorers including Burroughs, Blavatsky, Lovecraft, Jung, Barker, J.G. Ballard, William Gibson, and Octavia Butler, but also the testimony of more obscure luminaries such as Echidna Stillwell, Oskar Sarkon, and Madame Centauri, are clarified and subjected to systematic investigation, comparison, and assessment so as to gauge the real stakes of the Time-War still raging behind the collapsing façade of reality.

One of the most compelling and unnerving collective research enterprises to have surfaced in the twentieth century, the real pertinence of the Ccru’s work is only now beginning to reveal itself to an unbelieving world. To plunge into the tangled mesh of these conspiracies, weird tales, numerical plagues, and suggestive coincidences is to test your sense of reality beyond the limits of reasonable tolerance—to enter the sphere of unbelief, where demonic currents prowl, where fictions make themselves real. Hyperstition.


  • Foreword
  • The Tale of the End
  • Part 1: Id(entity)
  • Communiqué One
  • Communiqué Two
  • Review of Ccru’s Digital Hyperstition
  • Who’s Pulling Your Strings?
  • Part 2: The Cthulhu Club
  • Lemurian Time War
  • The Templeton Episode
  • Miskatonic Virtual University
  • Origins of the Cthulhu Club
  • The Vault of Murmurs
  • Tchattuk
  • Part 3: AOE/Axsys
  • AOE
  • Inside the Architectonic Order of the Eschaton
  • Spheres and Degrees of the AOE
  • Decadence
  • The Excruciation of Hummpa-Taddum
  • Flatlines
  • Axsys-Crash
  • Martin Bergmann
  • Part 4: Black Atlantis
  • Hyper-C
  • From Subversion to Submersion
  • Channel Zero
  • Zelda Maria de Monterre (Madame Centauri)
  • Maximilian Crabbe
  • The Tale of the Frog-People
  • Part 5: Barker
  • Cryptolith
  • Tick Delirium
  • Barker Speaks
  • Kuttadid
  • The Tale of Cockroach
  • Part 6: Sarkon
  • Oskar Sarkon
  • Split-Second Timing
  • Between and Beneath the Net
  • Shades of Between
  • Skin-Crawlers
  • Wendigo’s
  • A Tzikvik Tale
  • Part 7: Cybergothic
  • Y2K Letter
  • Y2Panik
  • What Didn’t Happen at the Millenium
  • Cybergothic Hyperstition
  • The A-Death Phenomenon
  • Unscreened Matrix
  • The Unlife of the Earth
  • The Tale of Centipede
  • Part 8: Pandemonium
  • Pandemonium
  • The Nomo Chant
  • The Zones
  • Pandemonium Matrix
  • Pandemonium Commentary
  • Numogrammatic Time-Mapping
  • Qabbala Unshelled
  • Lurgo
  • Katak
  • The Book of Paths
  • Tales of Mu
  • Appendix 1: Ccru Glossary
  • Appendix 2: TV Demonism
  • Index