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Portland, Oregon. United States

Unfolding Frankfurt (German and English Edition) - Peter Eisenman

Peter Eisenman is an internationally known architect, a member of the now legendary group of "The New York Five" almost 20 years ago, and since then one of the American architects whose work has had far-reaching influence on architecture world-wide. This publication presents his prize-winning competition design for an office and housing estate in Frankfurt Rebstockpark in which Eisenman realized his philosophical approach to architecture. As in other works, Eisenman takes up the idea of folds and of folding conceived and expressed by the German philosopher Leibniz, and this leads him to not only "fold" the grid laid over the site, the ground itself, but also each office or apartment building required by the development programme. Fascinating building typologies with "folded" storeys and sharp angles are the result, which seem to fold into the ground and fold up out of it.

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