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Portland, Oregon. United States

Store is open again with sliding scale pricing | Physical space in Portland

August 3, 2018

First, let me start by apologizing for the time the store was down. Aleatory is a project based on my passion for theory and a belief of the potential of its study and application.  I have built and have been operating this during the moments I can steal way from my full-time job, classes, and the busy aspects of life. Everything I earn from my job and every bit of savings or credit in my name goes to build and support it. But this has not felt like a one-person project from the energy and ideas from collaboration and discussion with others. These interactions been formative to Aleatory and they to push forwards this project. But the work load does fall onto me and the time and money I would like to spend continuing the work is not always allowed. There have been numerous people that have reached out offering their help and support. Hopefully with more involvement from others will bring new growth and potential to this project.


The store is now back open and I have introduced sliding scale pricing to allow more people to have access to the books I offer. My goal of this, beyond accessibility, is that this helps support and build a community focused around critical philosophy/theory. Aleatory was not built to be for profit. Its goals are based on community, study, and creativity. Pricing is only an initial step in this. If you take a look at the website you will see new areas for members including videos, journal, events, resources, and a discussion board. This is a frame for what's to come so you'll see that they are mostly empty at this point. These areas will be filled with work from members of a growing community. I encourage anyone who wants to contribute or collaborate to reach out with their ideas, proposals, or submissions.


For people in Portland, I am very excited to announce that Aleatory will have a physical space! I have partnered with Third Room Project to not only sell books but more-so to build a theory community hub and resource center. It will host events, discussions, study/reading groups, book releases, and shows. This space will also be utilized for collaborative work; to think, write, and create together.


Aleatory aims to build work and act as a resource center through local and international community building and collaboration. I hope many others will join in to continue to build on this project.

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